About the Institute

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The Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute connects practices in all stages of patient-centered primary care home transformation—from those looking to begin the process to those already recognized as primary care homes—to a broad array of technical assistance. Through this assistance the Institute helps practices meet the requirements for the Oregon Health Authority's Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) recognition. The Institute also helps practices move beyond the checklist and realize the Triple Aim outcomes of a healthy population, extraordinary patient care and reasonable costs.

In 2010 the Oregon Health Authority partnered with the Northwest Health Foundation to gather an array of community stakeholders to provide recommendations for supporting a broad implementation of the PCPCH model across Oregon. The group produced recommendations, including building on the expertise, technical assistance and best practices that already existed across the state. That recommendation was realized in the formation of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute in 2012.

The Institute recognizes the diversity of health care practices across Oregon and the wide variation between practice abilities and readiness. The Institute also respects the existing expertise of many Oregon technical assistance providers and pioneer practices that have valuable knowledge and resources to share. The Institute exists to gather these resources rather than duplicating them to prevent adding yet another layer of complexity and redundancy to the transformation process.


Institute Objectives

The Institute will achieve the following objectives by collecting and organizing resources, hosting monthly webinars on core practice transformation topics, forming a Learning Collaborative to provide face-to-face learning opportunities and individualized coaching to select practices, and providing opportunities for quality improvement professionals and other transformation leaders to share with one another and leverage resources.

Promote knowledge sharing through easy access to tools, resources, online learning, best practice information and networking opportunities for health care providers and leaders

Facilitate collaborative learning using a network of technical assistance providers who provide face-to-face learning and practice facilitation to selected practices

Build capacity for ongoing primary care transformation by offering opportunities for technical assistance providers to collaborate and deploy resources collectively through networking and train-the-trainer programs

Create alignment by coordinating efforts with other practice transformation initiatives in Oregon to leverage resources, maximize benefits for practices and accelerate transformation


Download a two-page description of the Institute and our 2013 accomplishments.