Teen-Centered Coordinated Care in Yamhill County, Oregon

Blog - December 1, 2017
Katie Sours, MPH

The Western Oregon Center for Pediatric Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (WOC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Yamhill County with the mission to empower children and families by providing education and programs for healthy living. WOC provides services within three categories: family nutrition education, family fitness, and community wellness promotion.

Healthinsight Develops Training Program for Primary Care Physicians to Prevent Opioid-Related Harms in Older Adults

Blog - November 13, 2017
Lindsey Alley

In an innovative project funded through the Medicare program, HealthInsight is developing a multi-faceted training program to encourage primary care providers to use a tailored, patient-centered approach to managing chronic pain for patients age 55 and older. The goals are to reduce opioid-related hospitalizations, readmissions and emergency department visits of older patients; reduce the number of older patients with risky opioid prescriptions; and increase the number of clinics that adopt a screening and referral process for opioid use disorders.

Physicians Champion Influenza Vaccinations

Blog - November 6, 2017
Jerry Reeves

Influenza takes a considerable toll on Americans each year, causing millions of illnesses and medical visits, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. Here are important updates for encouraging your patients to protect themselves and their families this year by updating their shots.

HealthInsight's Third Annual Quality Conference - Be the Change: Strategies for Health Care Transformation

Announcements - September 13, 2017

HealthInsight's Third Annual Quality Conference - Be the Change: Strategies for Health Care Transformation.
Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Salem Convention Center - Salem, Oregon

Join local leaders and national experts for a one-day learning and networking event to address today's health care challenges and share strategies for engaging patients and improving quality, safety and value. HealthInsight is the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) in Oregon, working to improve care for Medicare patients.

Clinician Academy Featured in Oregon Medical Association Magazine

Announcements - July 17, 2017

The Oregon Medical Association (OMA) shares information about the Clinician Academy in their most recent issue of Medicine in Oregon. The article, "Uncovering the Spark: Oregon’s Clinician Academy Combats Provider Burnout," covers the Clinician Academy and its work to improve care and reduce provider burnout.

America’s Most Valuable Care: Discovering High-Value Primary Care Providers

Blog - June 16, 2017
Tara DeBach

Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC), with support from the Peterson Center on Healthcare, set out to identify common attributes found among high-performing primary care organizations. CERC reviewed national quality and cost data, and has identified 11 primary care organizations that are delivering exceptional value to their patients. Most importantly, they have key features in common, which can serve as a blueprint for others to achieve high performance.

Q Corp and HealthInsight Agree to Merge

Announcements - May 26, 2017

The governing boards of Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q Corp) and HealthInsight Management Corporation have approved a merger of the organizations and their operations in Oregon.

Standardizing Interpreting Services

Blog - May 5, 2017
Felicity Ratway, MA, CMI & Sara Jade Webb, MS

The Wallace Medical Concern  provides low cost medical and dental services in Southeast Portland and Gresham, Oregon. Around 47% of their patient population needs interpretation services, with Spanish being the language in which services are most often needed.