Approaches to Patient-Centered Interactions: Creating a Truly Patient-Centered Primary Care Home

Webinar Date: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 8:00am to 9:00am

While all of the operational components of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home standards contribute to an improved primary care delivery system, you cannot create a truly patient-centered primary care home without building skills in patient-centered communication. The beating heart of a patient-centered primary care home will always be strong relationships between patients, families and caregivers and their clinic care teams and staff. Watch this webinar for an overview of key concepts in patient-centered communication, including foundational patient-centered office visit skills, patient activation and motivational interviewing. In addition to discussing core skills for patient centered interactions, we also review strategies for organizational and system-level redesign to support more patient and person-centered care.

This webinar:

1) Provides an overview of key concepts and tools in enhancing patient-centered communication

2) Reviews system-level considerations in adopting patient-centered communication skills

3) Discusses how to get started with strengthening relationships between patients and primary care clinics


Presented By:

Ariel Singer, MPH
Technical Assistance Curriculum Manager
Oregon Primary Care Association


Ariel guides OPCA in developing and teaching patient-centered communication, improved workflows and motivational interviewing.  She works with clinic staff members to enhance patient centeredness, integrate motivational interviewing to support patients in adopting healthy behaviors, and design and measure efficient systems that improve outcomes. Ariel was trained in the use of MI for health promotion while working as a health coach at Health Management Services (HMS), an OHSU-developed worksite wellness program.  As a health coach at HMS, she provided motivational interviewing-based health coaching to nearly 800 clients on a wide variety of health promotion topics, including smoking cessation and self-management of chronic health conditions.



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