Using Data in Quality Improvement

August 20, 2013

Gathering and using data is critical to primary care home transformation – the strategic use of data at all levels allows organizations to focus, improvement, and recognize new opportunities for sustained change. But how and where do you start? This webinar shares best practices, common challenges and real-life experience related to using data, including how to gather, interpret, display, and communicate to staff, payers, and funders.


Presented By:


Laurie Francis, RN, MPH
Senior Director, Clinic Operations & Quality
Oregon Primary Care Association 


Laurie was the founding director of a federally qualified health center (Community Health Partners, Inc.) that became well known for its attention to staff engagement, patient centeredness, robust teamwork, integration of health and education, facilitative leadership commitment, and devotion to measurement driven decision making. She joined OPCA in the fall to work with FQHCs state wide around PCPCH transformation, leadership, and measurement. Laurie received her MPH from the University of Washington and holds undergraduate degrees from Montana State University (nursing) and Stanford University (human biology).


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